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Waldorf Zarenbourg Electric Piano - White *Pre-Order

76-Key Weighted Hammer-Action Electric Piano

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Designed for professional keyboardists in mind, the white Zarenbourg Electric Piano from Waldorf is equipped with 76 hammer-action keys, a built-in EMES 2.1 sound system, three sound generators, and seven built-in effects.

In order to achieve the highest level of realism and sound quality, the sound engine utilizes three separate sound generators; physical modeling, sample playback, and FM synthesis. The physical modeling engine accurately replicates all the components of an electric piano, including the material, shape, and consistency of the tone forks and reeds, as well as the design and action of the hammers, the position and type of pickups, and many more key details.

The sample playback engine utilizes direct streaming to reproduce the sounds of a classic grand piano and their electric equivalent. The engine offers a sizable memory and is able to render vast sampler libraries, resulting in hyper-realistic sounds without the issues of buffering. The FM synthesis engine utilizes a six-operator FM to reproduce the sounds of the classic DX pianos and other trademark FM sounds. The sound engines can be used on their own or combined to create truly unique sounds and patches. There is a free software editor for Mac and PC that allows for deep editing into all of the sound engines, and any user patches can be saved into 21 user preset slots. Additionally, users can upload their own samples into the sample playback engine via the software editor.

The built-in effects include chorus, flanger, phaser, echo/reverb, auto wah, equalizer, and overdrive. What's more, all of the effects can be used simultaneously. There is a stereo input for routing an outboard source, such as your computer's sound card, through the 2.1 sound system, which was designed by the EMES, a manufacturer of studio monitors. The stereo system offers clear and transparent sound reproduction with a dedicated subwoofer, high-performance amplifier, and utilizes precision digital crossover. The premium-grade TP-100 keyboard is designed by Fatar, and has the lightest hammer-action keybed on the market.

The enclosure features a precision-welded aluminum hood on a birch multiplex chassis with all speakers fully enclosed in a shell-like casing made from low-vibration MDF. The front panel is milled from solid block aluminum and features classic knobs from Cosmo. Additionally, the Zarenbourg ships with custom-made chromed legs that screw into sturdy threaded bushings on the bottom of the base plate.

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  • LCD free user interface
  • Physical Modeling for E-Piano sounds
  • Direct Nand streaming sample playback for pianos and user content
  • True FM synthesis
  • 4 Gigabyte Nand Flash for samples
  • 76-Key weighted hammer-action keyboard
  • Three-way active monitor system by EMES
  • External stereo input
  • Dedicated external volume knob
  • Digital crossover network
  • 7 Presets and 21 user sounds
  • Chrome-plated stands
  • SD Card slot for firmware and sample upgrade
  • USB
  • MIDI in/out/thru
  • Stereo line out
  • Digital S/PDIF output
  • 7 Effects (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Echo/Reverb, Auto Wah,
  • Equalizer, Overdrive)
  • Unlimited combination of effects
  • Tremolo, both stereo and mono
  • Continuous sustain pedal allows for dynamic pedaling
  • Assignable expression pedal
  • High performance Dual-core Digital Signal Processor
  • Editor Software for Windows and Mac (available 2014)
  • 7 Preset Sounds
  • 21 User Sounds
  • Precision-welded aluminum hood
  • Massive aluminum front panel

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