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Korg MMA130

AC/ DC Powered Monitor Amp & Ideal For Street Performances

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The MMA130 powered monitor amp will bring out your best performances in any situation, indoor or outdoor. With a truly professional array of inputs and outputs, as well as a four-channel mixer, it's incredibly versatile. The MMA130 can operate on batteries, and can also provide power to your musical instrument via a 9V DC output jack. In spite of the MMA130's portable size, it boasts an astounding power amp that projects an impressive amount of volume. The MMA130's versatility allows it to excel in any situation. It's a great choice for street live performances by a keyboardist or mobile DJ, and can also be used as a stage monitor.

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MPN: MMA-130
UPC: 4959112089648

  • Powered monitor amp; ideal for street performances
  • Built-in four-channel mixer: two mic/line inputs and two line inputs. These versatile inputs accommodate nearly any instrument; acoustic or electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, electronic percussion, microphones, audio playback, etc.
  • XLR/TRS balanced mic/line inputs; 1/4" unbalanced line inputs
  • AUX inputs accommodate RCA plugs, mini-stereo plugs, or 1/4" phone plugs
  • Two-way power allows AC or battery operation
  • Six C batteries allow up to approximately 12 hours of operation (in ECO mode)
  • Twelve C batteries allow up to approximately 24 hours of operation (in ECO mode)
  • POWER MODE switch (Max, Eco) reduces battery consumption and current draw
  • DC9V output jack provides power to instruments such as the Wavedrum, microSAMPLER, etc.
  • Newly developed amp power supply circuit and high-efficiency speaker delivers impressive 105 dB output even on battery power
  • Three-band equalizer
  • Anti-feedback function suppresses acoustic feedback
  • Versatile body design allows either vertical or horizontal placement
  • Mounting hole accommodates a dedicated speaker stand
  • Wavedrum stand can be attached

  • Inputs:MIC/LINE: XLR/TRS, balanced (x2)
  • Input source impedance: 10k ohms, Maximum input level: -40dBu (MIC) / -15dBu (LINE)
  • LINE: 1/4 phone jack, unbalanced (x2)
  • Input source impedance: 100k ohms, Maximum input level: -15dBu (with Ground Lift Switch)
  • AUX IN: RCA (x2 – L, R); stereo mini-phone jack; phone jack (x2 – L, R);
  • Input source impedance: 20k ohms, Maximum input level: -15dBu)
  • Outputs: LINE OUT: 1/4 phone jack, unbalanced
  • Output source impedance: 1k ohms, Maximum output level: -15dBu)
  • DC9V output (DC9V: 500mA, polarity: Center positive)
  • Power amp output:
  • Maximum 30W RMS @ 4ohms (Max Mode)
  • Maximum 5W RMS @ 4ohms (Eco Mode)
  • Speaker: High-efficiency 6.5 inch woofer and 1 inch dome tweeter
  • Power supply: Six or twelve C batteries, or local AC voltage
  • Battery life: On twelve C batteries:
  • Approximately 24 hours (Eco Mode)
  • Approximately 16 hours (Max Mode)
  • Approximately 6 hours (Eco Mode with Wavedrum)
  • Approximately 4 hours (Max Mode with Wavedrum)
  • On six C batteries:
  • Approximately 12 hours (Eco Mode)
  • Approximately 8 hours (Max Mode)
  • Approximately 2.5 hours (Eco Mode with Wavedrum)
  • Approximately 1 hour (Max Mode with Wavedrum)
  • Current consumption: 25W
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 12.60 x 11.22 x 19.09 inches / 320 x 285 x 485 mm (Vertical position)
  • Weight: 27.12 lbs. / 12.3 kg
  • Included items: Power cord, DC-DC cable (1.5 m)
  • Options: Ultimate Support JS-TS50-1 Speaker Stand, ST-WD Percussion Stand (for use with Wavedrum)

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