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Fender Fatfinger Bass Sustain Enhancer

Bass Sustain Enhancer

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The Fatfinger is an effective and natural sustain enhancer when clamped to the headstock of your bass guitar. Tune out dead spots found on almost every bass by simply changing the point of contact to the headstock. The Fatfinger installs in seconds and gives instant and amazing results . . . even for the most hardened tonal skeptic!

The Science . . . The physics of the Fatfinger Bass Sustain Enhancer are simple: by effectively adding 2 to 3 times more mass to the "weak" end of any stringed instrument, the strings ring out longer, louder, and with more balance. The increased sustain is immediately apparent, but improved balance is the ultimate reward.

The Fatfinger's mass lowers the frequency of the harmonic imperfections, or nodes, of any stringed instrument. These dead spots are moved below the audible range, and so are effectively eliminated! It's an incredible "fix" for that Fender Jazz Bass with the "disappearing C note" syndrome!

Made of chromeplated bell brass for mucho mass. And that little chrome finger on the headstock of your guitar will make your friends swoon with envy! The Fatfinger can not damage your instrument in any way.

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MPN: 0992181100
UPC: 717669137106

  • Increases sustain
  • Improves tonal balance
  • Tunes out dead spots
  • Made from bell brass

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