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Redmatica Compendium Bundle 1.5

Compendium Bundle 1.5

Sampling Software Bundle

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The Redmatica Compendium Bundle 1.5 gives you Redmatica’s innovative full sampling suite for Logic and Logic Express. You’ll enjoy ExsManager for taking charge of your EXS24 and GarageBand Instrument files, Keymap 1.5 for editing your EXS24 instruments and samples, and the incredible AutoSampler that can actually automatically sample your hardware and software instruments! A powerful force for your Logic or Logic Express-based setup, if you’re into sampling on your Mac, or thinking about it, you get all the brute sampling power you need - and then some - with Redmatica’s Compendium Bundle!

This awesome program is entirely dedicated to the automatic sampling of hardware and software instruments. By sending MIDI signals to your outboard synth at multiple velocities, if it needs to, AutoSampler then records the stereo return audio and properly formats it into a ready-to-play EXS24 instrument. More advanced features let you create instruments that switch or fade between sound sampled with varying synthesis parameters. You can also combine multiple sounds and use graphic mix volume envelopes to composite the different layers of sound. Great for virtualizing your outboard synths so you can take them anywhere your laptop goes, this program is also insanely fun to play around with - creating new sounds your current gear setup just can’t produce!

Created from the ground up to work for the Mac OSX platform, ExsManager speeds up your instrument loading, assisting with a host of little tasks and big problems EXS24 users face. You can remove duplicate and unused samples, inspect your library, reorganize your library, fix instruments and samples, accurately link your files, and more. ExsManager is packed with features designed to efficiently handle literally millions of your files with no significant speed hit.

An incredibly advanced sampled instruments editor, Keymap 1.5 makes it easy to create and edit sampled instruments on your computer in real-time, non-destructively! Import EXS24 instruments, loop your samples, use Harmonic Resynthesis to reshape sounds - you can tweak and create wihtout ever leaving the Keymap environment. Once you are happy with your instruments, you can easily export them as EXS24 files and samples. Of course, each sample file created by Keymap will always contain full mapping details so you can import them into any sampler application without hassle.

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- EXS24 file managing with ExsManager
- Instant hardware synth sampling with AutoSampler
- Instrument creation and twakability with Keymap 1.5 Software
- Logic 6, 7, 8 compatible
- Universal Binary format for OSX 10.4 and 10.5 (Leopard)

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