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Ebtech Swizz Army

6-in-1 Cable Tester

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The Swizz Army 6-in-1 Cable Test is six handy tools in one. Not only a cable tester but a handy LED display for wiring and intermittent detection, an installed cable tester, test tone generator, phantom power detector and ground shield detector. Encased in cold-rolled steel, the Swizz Army Cable Tester is made to be road worthy and comes with a no hassle two-year warranty. Each function is clearly marked on the unit for ease of use and runs off 2 AA batteries (not included). Anyone that deals with cables needs this handy device. Don't be caught without one!

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MPN: Swizz Army
UPC: 614859646137

Check XLR, 1/4" (TS or TRS), RCA, 1/8" (TS or TRS), TT & MIDI cables with six handy functions

  • Wiring Display: Clearly shows which pin is wired to what as well as showing continuity, opens and shorts for each pin. This also perfect for determining custom/adapter wiring - such as XLR to 1/4", 1/8" to stereo dual RCA, etc...
  • Intermittent Detect and Display: Displays intermittent information until you reset it! Clearly shows where the problem is and what type of defect it is.
  • Installed Cable Testing: Great for diagnosing cables that are inside building walls.
  • Test Tone Generation: Generates a 1kHz (440Hz) tone at +4dBu, -10dBv and mic levels.
  • Phantom Power Detect: Displays when a DC voltage present on Pin 2 (tip) and Pin 3 (ring).
  • Grounded Shield Detect: Show if XLR connector shield is connected to Pin 1 (grounded).

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