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In-Ear Monitor Processor

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Finally! There is now a digital signal processor that has been designed specifically for in ear monitor applications. New from dbx Professional Products, comes the IEM, In-Ear-Monitor Processor which is the ideal tool for fine-tuning mix monitoring for In-Ear monitoring devices. Not only does the IEM provide the legendary dbx effects in the digital domain, such as 4-band stereo compression, PeakStop™ limiting and 5-band parametric EQ, but the IEM also includes stereo adjust, dbx proprietary Type IV™ conversion system, and for good measure, we have even raised the playing field by including custom reverb algorithms using the industry standard Lexicon® technology. The IEM from dbx Professional Products is a unit that is certain to take In-Ear Monitor processing to the next level.

From the company that has been redefining the standard of signal processing for more than 25 years, dbx® Professional Products now offers a bulletproof product that caters to the scrutinizing needs of performers who utilize In-Ear Monitoring devices.

The IEM was designed with the simple purpose and vision of enhancing the sonic quality of all In-Ear monitor applications, while providing the necessary audio level protection that artists and engineers require. The design team at dbx has achieved this vision by building a unit that offers effects including: 4-band stereo compressor with gating and limiting, 5-Band Parametric EQ, PeakStop™ limiting, Stereo adjust and Lexicon® reverbs. In addition to methodically designing a utilitarian unit that includes an intuitive user front panel which provides instant access to all effects within the IEM at the push of a button, as well as a large custom display which clearly shows all operational information of the unit in a logical manner, all aspects of the aforementioned features can be controlled by the included dbx Professional Products Interactive software.

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• Industry-Standard Lexicon™ Reverb Algorithms
• 48 bit internal signal path for increased head room and low level resolution
• Type IV™ A/D Conversion system with TSE™
• 4 band stereo Compressor and limiter with classic dbx Compression
• 5 band EQ – Hi and Lo shelves, 3 band fully parametric
• PeakStop™ limiting
• Stereo adjust – to control your stereo image
• Software updateable via Internet and RS 232 port
• 4 band crossover with variable slopes

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