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Dr Duck Ultimate Adjustable Guitar Neck Support Rest

For Acoustic, Electric or Bass Guitars

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Dr Duck

Branded, oiled, polished wood creates functional art! ... Presenting ... The Adjustable Guitar Neck Holder / String Changing Stand- 100% wood - Birch - does hollow bodies AND solid bodies - fits in a guitar case - rubber padded neck cradle and legs

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UPC: 647855100228

- 4 pieces of wood fit together 2 different ways for 2 different heights (lifts) which give you adjustable height for both solid body electrics and hollow body acoustics
- The logo is burnt into the wood with a branding iron.
- The black around the edges is not paint, it's soot hand polished in with Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube from where the laser cut the wood.
- No sharp corners - all edges have been sanded.
- Made of wood - no metal or plastic to damage your instrument.
- Has 'Non-slip rubber' padded neck cradles and legs for stability and to keep your instrument from sliding around even on a stainless table or yacht deck ...
- Will fit in a guitar case - dimensions ~ Neck Saddle Base = 6" long x 3 1/4" high x 5/8" thick ~ and ~ 2 Legs each = 5" long x 2" high x 5/8" thick. ~ and ~ 1 Cross Brace Stabilizer Bar = 5" long x 1" high x 5/8" thick
- Precision laser-cut for uniformity of shap

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