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Onboard Research Beatnik RA1200P

Rhythmic Analyzer

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Onboard Research

The Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer helps increase accuracy and feel in ways never before possible. Each one of Beatnik’s multiple analyzers evaluates a unique aspect of your timing and rhythmic skills. Multiple views of the timing data instantly reveal technical strengths and weaknesses to help you instantly analyze your technical precision and speed up your progress toward total rhythmic fluency and accuracy.

After you set the desired rhythm on the built-in metronome, simply start the playback and strike the touch-sensitive practice pad. Beatnik’s large graphic display shows a visual representation of every stroke in real time and records every stroke in a viewable archive, with pinpoint accuracy to the nearest 512th note where your strokes occurred in relation to the actual beat.

For evaluating and improving your rhythm and timing performance, nothing compares to the Beatnik!

Multiple built-in accuracy analyzers each measure different aspects of your rhythmic and timing accuracy.

Multiple views of stroke timing data instantly reveal insight into your dynamics, rhythm, and timing control.

Records and displays stroke history for reviewing summaries of your stroke timing data.

Tracking analyzer helps you improve transitions between changing subdivisions while maintaining consistent rhythm and correct timing. You can switch freely between any subdivision and Beatnik tracks your playing, displaying the timing and score in realtime and recording everything for a summary review when you can examine the timing history of each subdivision.

A phrase analyzer helps you improve performance accuracy of complicated and extended rhythmic phrases. You can set a rhythmic phrase up to 8 beats in length, incorporating any combination of note and rests. Records every stroke so you can review the phrase performance history note by note.

The internal metronome is one of the world s most advanced metronomes ever. It can test you on any permutation for every note value from quarter to thirty-second notes. Note values include: quarter note; eighth note; eighth note triplets; sixteenth notes; 5 over 1; sixteenth note triplets; 7 over 1; thirty-second notes.

Select between four skill levels to allow a wider tolerance for timing accuracy and scoring as follows: expert: within one 512th note; high: within three 512th notes; medium: within five 512th notes; low: within seven 512th notes.

Tap tempo sets the tempo based on strokes, allowing you to manually start a practice session later. Tap start uses count-off beats to set the tempo and automatically start a practice session on the fly.

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MPN: RA1200P
UPC: 651244500056

- Accurate to 512th note
- 4 skill levels
- 5 analyzers
- 4 data views
- Scores your accuracy
- Stores unlimited history
- Graphic display
- Touch-sensitive input
- Advanced polymer pad
- Click Depth control
- Tap start control
- Tap set control
- Lighted buttons
- Metronome 25-250bpm
- Headphones included
- 6xAA batteries included
- Optional power supply: 9V
- Headphone jack: 3.5mm
- Dimensions: 9 3/4" x 13 x 2 3/4" x 2 3/4"

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